Easy Options for the Sunglass Shopping

Easy Options for the Sunglass Shopping

Whether in degree or sun, the glasses are able to leave a more fashion look in the act! And for those who are afraid to buy online pressure cooker malaysia review, know that there are tips that can help you choose the frame and the ideal lens size. Just like clothes, glasses come in small, medium and large sizes so you can bet on what suits your face.

18 Of The Best Places To Buy Sunglasses Online

Eyeglass Online Purchase

Buying eyeglasses online is a reality that came with the advent of technologies and internet facilities and, let’s faces it, this makes life a lot easier when you are busy.

In the daily rush, many people who need eyeglasses Shop Journey Malaysia, but do not have time to go to an optician and who prefer to receive their eyeglasses at home, can easily take advantage of the possibility to buy eyeglasses online.

Glasses became a fashion accessory! Sunglasses are practically a must have for women, while prescription glasses are becoming more modern and stylish . Since they need to match the size and facial features, many people like to try them out in physical stores before taking them home. But the good news is that you can get the accessory right on the internet! Like the clothes, the glasses are also classified in P, M and G to suit different types of faces. In addition, knowing what type of frame best matches each shape is essential.

Check The Numbering On The Inside Of The Stem

All glasses models have numbers on the inside of the stem, which indicate the width of the lens, the size of the bridge – under which the nose is – and the length of the stem. These measurements are important in determining the size of the glasses for your face. “For example, a model with the sequence 55-14-140 can be considered large size, as the lens measures 55mm, the bridge 14mm and the frame stem 140mm”. Glasses with lenses less than 50mm wide are small, while medium glasses have lenses between 50 and 54 mm wide. That said, measure the features of your face and you’re done!

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Pay Attention To The Width Of The Frame

For a perfect choice, it is also important to pay attention to the total width of the frame. “The ideal is that the glasses are close to the cheek, since if they are too big or small, in addition to being disproportionate, they will cause discomfort. Therefore, models with lenses up to 50mm are suitable for people with thin faces; lenses with a width between 50 and 54mm for faces with medium lines; and lenses wider than 54mm, for people with a wide face.

Know The Shape Of Your Face

Although fashion is increasingly democratic and there are no rules for you to use your favorite accessories, there are models of glasses that harmonize better with each face shape. According to Paula, the tip is to opt for frames that generate a counterpoint with the shape of the facial features. “Round faces can be better with square or even rectangular frames. The opposite is true for people who have a square face. In this case, round glasses frames are the most suitable.

Easy Options for the Sunglass Shopping
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