Know The Various Seo Types And Its Affect

Know The Various Seo Types And Its Affect


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to optimize online marketing malaysia website for greater visibility in search engines. It makes a website easier for search engines to understand. It increases the quantity & quality traffic on the website by improving the positions. This makes the website appear in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for various searches. It aims to attract more organic traffic i.e. any traffic that you don’t have to pay for. There are a lot of forms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 


Types of SEO

There are seven types of SEO and all aim at attracting more attention in the search results of any search engine. The basic difference is how strictly these onesearchpro digital marketing agency SEO strategies or tactics stick to the guidelines of search engines and how it affects the optimization. The type of SEO are as follows:

  • Black hat SEO takes shortcuts by going against search engine guidelines, thus it takes you to your results but in a faster way i.e. in very less time. It makes it cost less. But, many of its tactics are ruled out from the guidelines of the search engine and they are restricted for usage. This makes it riskier and can make the owner face consequences. It works on the loopholes and weaknesses of the search engines. It can rank the website lower. The website can get prescribed from search results of the search engine or can be downgraded during the up-gradation of the ranking algorithm. Example: keyword stuffing (white text on white background), plagiarism, purchased citations, cloaking.
  • White hat SEO strictly sticks to the guidelines and rules and regulations but time factor can be quite disappointing, it takes a bit more time in comparison to other types of SEOs to find. This makes it costlier. It has rarely any risk and is quite safer and provides good results over time. It is sustainable and creates genuine goodwill around the website. This technique is widely used by most of the SEOs and other companies. Example: relevance, organising properly, promotion on social media.
  • Grey hat SEO is an intermediate one. These methods or strategies are not ruled out or restricted particularly in search engine guidelines. One has to be cautious while following this technique. It is used due to pressure to see quick results from a client and fall in between. It is not at all secure to think that if any tactics are not labelled as delusive or deceitful, it won’t put you in trouble, it’s quite risky. Example: clickbait, spun (slightly altered), paying for reviews.
  • Negative SEO is the practice of using either black or grey hat search engine optimization strategy on any other website with the intention of hurting or harming them. This leads the competitors to rank lower and in turn move required websites up in the search results. It is the most detestable and unethical. It includes hacking into someone’s site and building a suspiciously high number of low-quality links to it, posting negative feedback/reviews about them.


Know The Various Seo Types And Its Affect
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